Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Asset Management

Installing electric vehicle chargers is only part of the equation. EVIAM provides a full-service solution to optimise your charging infrastructure through its complete lifecycle.

Tailored | Efficient | Scalable

The need to support EV charging is not a future problem. It starts now.

Automotive mega-market, the USA, has recently set a target for electric vehicles to make up 50 percent of car sales by 20301 while the EU plans to completely phase out combustion engine vehicles by 20352.

In Australia, EVs are fast becoming a reality, too. Even based on 2020 sales rates, the number of EVs sold in Australia is expected to swell from 6,9003 to 600,000+ in the year 20404.

With just one EV charger drawing the amount of power equivalent to running 50 clothes dryers for an hour, the practical implications are very real. In such a rapidly evolving space, and with the rush to meet demand, it’s easy to make decisions without even realising the possible long-term impacts. Quick-fire installations are commonly not fit-for-purpose, not scalable, have adverse impacts on the power distribution to the rest of the location, and can end up costing even more down the line. At EVIAM, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the right solution for you, no matter the application.
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Future-proof your property and protect your investment

Get it right the first time. With our ongoing project and asset management support plan, we have a proven process to help you prepare for the future while ensuring long-term cost efficiency and scalability. While other providers tend to “set and forget”, we know EV charging is a constantly evolving space. That’s why we take a long-term, collaborative approach, making the process simple for you by managing the complete lifecycle of your charging infrastructure:

The EVIAM team works in collaboration with Schneider Electric to ensure you get the most out of your charging infrastructure over its lifetime.

While you may think installing an EV charger is a job done, in reality, it’s only the beginning. You still need the intuitive technology behind it to ensure optimal performance; and that’s where industry leaders, Schneider Electric, come in. Their expertise and exclusive technology help manage power source demand while using data to analyse and report usage and efficiencies.

It’s this partnership that truly sets EVIAM apart from other providers.

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Why invest in a holistic EV charging solution?

Are you ready for this new reality?

With the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicle charging in the next few years, now is the time to take action and position your property for the future. Whether it’s in the commercial, government or residential space, investing in the right infrastructure now far outweighs the risk of cost escalation later on.

The skilled team at EVIAM will work with you to assess your current and future requirements to efficiently manage all of your EV charging needs. We can help you prepare to capture this growing demographic, gain a competitive advantage, potentially boost revenue, and play a part in a more sustainable future. 

Let's get started today.

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