EV charging infrastructure basics

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Electric vehicles are rapidly becoming the norm in Australia.

Over 30,000 EVs were sold in Australia in 2023 and that number is expected to be 600,000+ by the year 2040. This transition means EV charging will need to become readily available where we live, work and play.

Why it’s not just plug and play

It’s not just a matter of installing chargers on every street corner.

With just one EV charger drawing the amount of power equivalent to running 50 clothes dryers for an hour, the practical implications are very real for how this transition will occur across Australia.

Get your EV charging right the first time

Getting a building ready for EVs involves carefully dealing with its entire electrical infrastructure. This includes following rules for fire safety, meeting health and safety standards, and understanding the necessary laws. With our end-to-end solution, we navigate these complexities for you to deliver a robust solution that can adapt to your building’s needs over time.

What makes a good EV solution?

What to consider when choosing an EV charging installer.

Fit for


Progressive Scalability




Understanding electrical capacity

Think about the electricity usage in your building just like hot water. If multiple people are taking a hot shower at the same time without a system to manage it, then your building would run out of hot water quickly. EVIAM’s solution helps manage the electrical load, so the building can run seamlessly with the addition EV chargers.

How EV charging works

Installing EV charging in buildings is more complex than just hooking up a charger to a wall. It requires careful consideration of your building’s structural components and electrical capacity, as well as the real and future needs of the people living and working in the building.

The right solution for your needs

We’re helping the built environment get “EV-ready” with end-to-end solutions that make sense today and years from now.


  • New builds (greenfield)
  • Existing building (brownfield)
  • Strata & stakeholder management


  • Destination EV charging
  • Fleet EV charging
  • Cost recovery

Asset Management

  • Building load management
  • Knowledge & data management
  • Maintenance & support

Our products

Featuring the highest quality load management systems and EV chargers.

EcoStruxure™ LMS

Load Management System

EVlink Pro AC Charger

AC EV Charger

RT50 DC Fast Charger

DC EV Charger

Innovative solutions for your infrastructure

Learn how the EVLink load management system (LMS) makes it easy to manage electrical capacity.

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