Business models for EV charging

Learn what business model for EV charging is right for you, so you can get the most out of your solution.

The benefits of destination charging


Being only able to charge at home means drivers have to plan more. Charging at the shopping centres or car park means they can stay on full charge.

Limit Range Anxiety

Not knowing when your car will find its next charge, especially on road trips is mentally taxing on drivers.

Grid Availability

Destination chargers minimise strain on the electric grid, helping people charge up at various times and location, rather than all at once overnight.

1. EV to draw customers

Our first business model for EV charging involves using chargers as an added customer benefit, a feature that more and more people will look for as Australia increases its EV adoption.

  • Destination chargers – Use your EV chargers to attract customers to a site and include in marketing materials. 
  • Philanthropic chargers – Deploy EV chargers as part of a sustainability or green initiative.
  • Branded chargers – Use EV chargers to create brand awareness or a promote a particular product or service.

2. EV for staff retention

Companies that embrace EV both externally and internally will reap the benefits for not only customers, but also staff. Just like it’s become standard to have end of trip facilities for people who bike or walk to work, your staff will need EV charging facilities to ensure they can do their job and commute.

  • Staff EV car parks – Deploy EV chargers to facilitate and encourage the use of EVs.
  • Fleet EV car parks – Ensure your company-owned EV vehicles are always ready for use by your staff.

3. EV to generate revenue

Adding EV charging capability to your site means you can provide your customers with reliable charging and also create an additional revenue stream in your business. Consider the following:

  • Who can install revenue charging?
  • Charging modes (AC vs DC charging)
  • Location / serviceability
  • Reticulation costs
  • Load demand
  • Approvals (landlord & statutory)
  • ROI calculator
  • Payment options
    • Metering and RFID (Reference against organisation ledger)
    • Credit card (Nayax)
    • OCPP (Chargefox)

Help your customers and staff charge up where and when they need it most with destination charging.

EVIAM’s E-mobility complete service offering

EVIAM E-mobility has the technology, services and experience to enable successful EV charging programs.

Our services feature:

Integrated Tech

EV infrastructure is only as good as the technology supporting it. We use the highest quality tech known industry wide for its componentry and compliance.

Leading Support

We are an end-to-end EV provider. We service the entire EV lifecycle with remote and field service teams for exceptional charger availability.


A dedicated EV partner means you get access to team vastly experienced in designing and deploying EV charging technology as well as managing the process with all stakeholders.

Servicing your EV solution

Your EV chargers are just the beginning. With EVIAM, we consider the whole picture of your infrastructure solution, aiming to provide you with the most cost-effective and convenient experience.

1. Remote services

  • Round-the-clock connectivity
  • Remote services
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Firmware updates and upgrades
  • Web tools

2. On-site service & parts availability

  • Standard & extended warranty execution
  • Service level agreements
  • Preventative service and maintenance
  • Corrective service and maintenance

3. Training

  • Standardised online training
  • Product and service classroom training
  • Customised service training programs
  • Third-party service training programs

4. Custom services

  • Custom services
  • OCPP integration
  • Plug and charge integration testing
  • Interoperability testing and validation

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