EV integration & load management

Not all EV solutions are created equal. Let EVIAM deliver you future-focussed infrastructure that you own for good.

Don’t just install, integrate.

EVIAM specialise in the complete integration of EV infrastructure through careful planning and staged delivery programs.

We manage the entire stakeholder engagement process, assess your unique site requirements, and govern the delivery of your entire EV solution.

Why invest with EVIAM

Work with Preferred Suppliers

EVIAM is able to facilitate EV upgrades with your preferred electrical contractors and service providers to ensure a successful delivery and handover.

Large Site Experience

Our expertise lies in large, complex sites. We were one of the first to deliver a dynamic LMS for 100+ cars in Australia.

Own your Infrastructure

Don’t pay a subscription that will end up more costly in the long run. With EVIAM, it’s a one-time cost for your entire infrastructure solution.

Load Management Control

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert LMS helps you manage energy demand in your building.

Data First Principle

In our audit, we identify constraints and opportunities for EV infrastructure installation in the building, so stakeholders can make informed decisions.

Energy Cost Recovery

We work closely with residents, strata managers, developers, and energy networks to develop equitable solutions that work for everyone.

girl leaning against electric car while it charges

With EVIAM, you own the infrastructure.

At EVIAM, we install EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert by Schneider Electric, a hardware load management solution for EV infrastructure that communicates with both AC and DC groups of charging stations.

This technology optimises your EV power usage in real-time without compromising the building activities, avoiding costly penalties or even outages caused by the use of multiple EV charging stations at the same time.

We want to keep capital expenditure as exactly that, capital expenditure.  There’s no need to pay monthly or annual subscriptions to access the EV infrastructure you have already paid for.

Just like switchboards, distribution boards and power points, it is yours to own for now and always.

EV infrastructure considerations

We consider the full scale of your electrical infrastructure when designing your solution. These factors are complex and require an electrical team with EV specialisation to get them right.

  • Diversity
  • Power factor corrections
  • Harmonics
  • Ongoing servicing through periodic scanning
  • Thermal characteristics
  • Licensing requirements
  • Metering
  • QECM compliance
  • NCC compliance
  • ABCD fire compliance
  • EV charger compliance
  • Circuit protections
  • Charging algorithms
  • Cyber-security factors
  • AC & DC charging
  • EV battery conditioning
  • Temperature variances

Building load management

Powered by Schneider Electric, our dynamic load management system encompasses the complete lifecycle of your charging stations and supporting infrastructure. By helping you take advantage of the peak and off-peak energy usage times, this system provides the following assurances:

  • Maintain power availability without penalties or outages
  • Reduces costs by limiting need for upgrades and electricity tariff scheduling
  • Balances charger output with the rest of the building needs
  • Ensures residents have charged EVs when they need them

How it works

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert Load Management System helps manage the distribution of power through a defined maximum set-point, ensuring the energy needs for the building and its people are met without exceeding electrical capacity.

  • Distribution of available power for all charging stations
  • Peak/off-peak hours EV charging management
  • Monitoring and control of any EV charging stations based on open protocol (OCPP 1.6-J)

Building energy audits

As part of the EVIAM full lifecycle service, we will collect, inspect and analyse the energy flow data, deliver building feasibility studies and develop strategies for managing energy consumption in buildings and provide feedback regarding expected outcomes and anticipated capacity for EV charging.

By working from a data-first principle, it enables committee members, other stakeholders to effectively disseminate information to other related parties easily and readily.

Integration with energy providers

Best Practice NCC Compliance and Cost Recovery

One of the key challenges in providing EV charging within a strata complex is cost recovery for the energy used by the EV owner.

Body corporates need to operate independently and without prejudice; hence, the responsibility for the cost of using an EV Charger in an owner’s individual car space resides with that individual.

All our infrastructure is designed with full consideration to the current National Construction Code which was created with, amongst other things, tenant equity in mind. EVIAM believes compliance or as close to, represents best practice for all existing buildings. Although not a requirement, all existing building upgrades are considered against this benchmark to ensure customers are fully informed.

EV infrastructure is not a service, it’s a solution.

There is no need for ongoing commitments with your EV infrastructure company.  By working with the energy providers, EVIAM helps to create a seamless and simple billing solution whereby your EV is like any other load in your property.

Through collaboration, we develop a practical and best-value energy metering interface from the EV chargers and the owner’s unit meter.

Embedded networks can offer an attractive solution for body corporates to fully integrate building energy management usage and provide cost-effective solutions.

Prepare for tomorrow’s EV infrastructure needs today.

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