Commercial EV charging solutions

What you need to know about installing an EV charging system in a commercial setting.

Gain a competitive edge with commercial EV charging stations.

Every day, more people around Australia purchase electric vehicles, which means the need for more places with EV chargers around where we live, work and shop will only grow.

Installing EV charging at your business can be complex for a variety of reasons, from the age of the infrastructure to the number of EV drivers needing to use chargers at the same time.

At EVIAM, we manage this process from start to finish, ensuring your building or business has a safe scalable solution that works for you now and in the future.

Scalable, sustainable EV infrastructure

We provide commercial solutions for brownfield and greenfield sites throughout Australia.

Business models

  • Destination charging
  • Staff & fleet charging
  • Revenue charging

Cost recovery

  • Equitable strategies
  • Point of sale
  • AC vs DC charging


  • Site auditing
  • Building load management
  • State regulations

Asset management

  • Data management
  • Scaling triggers
  • Ongoing maintenance

True cost of installing an EV charger

Enabling EV charging at your business isn’t as simple as installing a few EV chargers. Your EV chargers will impact the entire electrical infrastructure of your business premise. To ensure fair distribution of costs and clear management of electricity usage, it needs to be a holistic, ROI-focused solution to manage the electrical load.

You can learn more about EV charging basics or about our engagement process.

Technical considerations for your EV infrastructure

What should I consider when adding EV charging infrastructure to a new or existing building?

Embedded network options






At a glance: AC v DC chargers

AC Charging Usage Costs

Although a slower option, AC charging is ideally suited to residential or office spaces as wait times are less of a concern and the energy usage costs are significantly cheaper for the user, especially when integrated with smart building load management systems.

  • Ideal for offices and residential spaces
  • AC Fast charging (under 22kW)
  • Cost effective & less expensive than DC charging
  • Simpler installation using existing infrastructure

DC Charging USage Costs

DC charging stations offer the fastest charging times on the market. They enable highly reliable, flexible and sustainable charge sessions either for sustained commercial use required for destination charging or fleet depot.

  • Ideal for destination charging and fleets that require quick turnaround
  • DC Fast charging (50kW+)
  • Site may have limitations on ability to draw a large amount of energy quickly
  • Requires dedicated installations
  • Energy expenses are typically higher than AC Charging

Our approach

Our comprehensive services cover the entire asset lifecycle of your EV charging infrastructure, helping you improve productivity while reducing downtime and costs.


  • Existing infrastructure
  • Future upgrade requirements
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Fit for purpose design with turn key approach


  • Electrical design for scalability
  • Demand driven
  • Staged approach
  • Retrofit with existing infrastructure
  • Load management planning


  • Trained, qualified and certified technicians
  • Minimal operational interface
  • Reliability
  • ISO 9000 Accredited Systems & Processes
  • Schneider Electric EcoXperts


  • Regular maintenance and usage reporting
  • On call maintenance via phone support and call out
  • Client portal for residents to order new chargers
  • Flexibility to choose other providers
  • Ensure compliance of regulation requirements


  • Activity and performance of assets
  • Network and charger diagnostics
  • Demand and scalability triggers of the system
  • Fault and building harmonics management
  • Metering data for billing

Dedicated Stakeholder Engagement

Quality Assurance & Compliance

Who we service

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“We’re seeing quite regular use with our new EV charging service. We’re encouraged by the response and have staff who are now considering purchasing an an EV, too.”

Graeme, Caloundra RSL Service Club Inc.

Case study: Stradbroke Tower Apartments

Stradbroke Towers in Brisbane was looking for a reliable, intuitive, and scalable EV system that would allow them to future proof their building. Importantly, the system needed to be within their budget so they didn’t over capitalise and it ensured a fair and equitable solution for all the owners.

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