EV Charging/12 Jun 2023

CASE STUDY | Stradbroke Towers – EV Charging Infrastructure

One of the first 100 carpark Dynamic LMS upgrades to a class 2 Apartment Building. 

Customer: Body Corporate for Stradbroke Tower and Villas CTS 16502

Embedded Energy Provider: STARCORP

EV Infrastructure Completion Date: April 2023

One of the first 100 carpark Dynamic LMS upgrades to a class 2 Apartment Building. 

Using a HMIBSCEA53D1EDL EV Charging Expert – 100 CS Dynamic LMS, we helped the Body Corporate at Stradbroke Tower Apartments in Brisbane make their multi-storey complex EV ready.  

Project Overview

  • Project Location: Kangaroo Point, Brisbane QLD
  • LMS Size: 100 | Fully dynamic set up for 200 cars
  • Carpark Size: 180
  • Carpark Zones: 8
  • EVLink Initial Pre-Orders: 12 – 1 EV owner in the building 


  • Building shut down and re-energised in LESS than time allocated (under 4 hours)
  • Reliability through tested commissioning procedures. 
  • Peace of mind – maximised continuity of service all while providing fair and controlled EV charging services. 
  • Cost effective – minimum infrastructure upgrade plus on-peak and off-peak tariff setting for efficiency
  • HMIBSCEA53D1EDL EV Charging Expert – 100 CS Dynamic LMS connects to an embedded dashboard for supervision and control, to a CPO backend or to BMS 
  • Upgradeable and scalable – the LMS allows Strata to upgrade to a higher level software licence and adapt to their evolving EV charging needs

Project Delivery Outline

  • Detailed Site Survey: Survey of existing electrical infrastructure referencing available plans, as builts and any other provided materials
  • Design Services: Includes electrical design and floor plans
    • Plans were created for the tender process and have been reviewed and priced accordingly. Minor alterations only – EV MSB location to be lifted to the main switch room.
  • Permitting: Acquisition and payment for all permits, applications, etc. necessary in accordance with the Work.
  • Electrical Services
    • Coordination of Utilities: EVIAM coordinated with local utilities, Energy retailer, STARCORP and any other parties.  EVIAM provided an integrated solution for billing with the embedded energy provider. 
    • EVIAM Procurement: EVIAM provided all components and materials to Electrical Contractor EDSI Solutions. 
    • Construction / Installation: Practical construction, assembly and installation of all materials as per defined tender , quoted works or separate stand-alone agreement.
    • Building Shutdown: less than allocated time (under 4 hours)
    • Commissioning: EVIAM test, certify and commission to ensure electrical contractor instals EV Infrastructure inline with manufacturer standards and warranty requirement