Cost recovery

EVIAM can help commercial sites recover costs as well as generate revenue through their EV chargers.

Strategies for EV cost recovery

While installing EV infrastructure will inherently increase the value of your property, commercially there are a number of opportunities for hosts to recover and/or create additional revenue from their charging stations.

Back to Metre

  • Standard solution
  • Dedicated metre
  • User-pays billing system

Third Party

  • Third party billing application
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Custom integrations

Point of Sale

  • Tap & go system
  • No app download
  • Easy management platform

1. Energy back to metre

This solution is the most used in our strata-managed apartment EV infrastructure upgrade projects. It includes installing a dedicated metre and providing either a ‘user-pays’ or ‘energy back to the metre’ billing solution for tenants.

Additionally, we can also organise ongoing repairs and maintenance for the EV charging unit. We understand the complexities of commercial properties and can help advise you on the right solution.

2. Point of sale

Another cost recovery strategy is a tap-and-go solution. This solution offers customers the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method without the need to download or sign into an app.

Cashless card readers support a wide range of payment methods, including EMV, NFC, contactless payments, QR codes, and prepaid cards. This versatility ensures that you can accommodate every customer’s payment preference.

You’ll also be able to track all EV charger operations on a single management platform. Monitor usage and machine activity remotely 24/7, eliminating the need for on-site visits.

3. Third party billing applications

Want to advertise your commercial EV charger with geographic and vehicle type targeting capabilities, sponsorships, and custom integrations? Use a third party billing application to not only promote your charger, but also your brand to the growing community of EV drivers.

EVIAM can monitise your EV charging station during installation by setting it up with applications such as Power Monitoring Expert (PME), Plugshare, or A Better Route Planner (ABRP) apps.

Start generating revenue through smart EV charging.

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AC v DC and Energy Load

AC Charging Usage Costs

Although a slower option, AC charging is ideally suited to residential or office spaces as wait times are less of a concern and the energy usage costs are significantly cheaper for the user, especially when integrated with smart building load management systems.

  • Ideal for offices and residential spaces
  • Paced charging (under 7.4 – 22kW power output)
  • Managed cost solutions
  • Scalable installation based on uptake

DC Charging USage Costs

DC charging stations offer the fastest charging times on the market. They enable highly reliable, flexible and sustainable charge sessions either for sustained commercial use required for destination charging or fleet depot.

  • Ideal for destination charging and fleets that require quick turnaround
  • Fast charging (50 – 180 kW power output)
  • Requires more load management planning
  • More expensive, draws significant power quickly

The right solution for your needs

We’re helping the built environment get “EV-ready” with end-to-end solutions that make sense today and years from now.


  • New builds (greenfield)
  • Existing building (brownfield)
  • Strata & stakeholder management


  • Destination EV charging
  • Fleet EV charging
  • Cost recovery

Asset Management

  • Building load management
  • Knowledge & data management
  • Maintenance & support

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