Apartment EV charging

What you need to know about installing an EV charging system in an apartment building.

Get EV capability in your apartment

More and more people around Australia are choosing to make the switch to electric vehicles, including those in inner-city apartments.

The process for installing EV charging in an apartment is more complex than a home for a variety of reasons, from the age of the infrastructure to the number of tenants needing to use chargers at the same time.

At EVIAM, we manage the entire your entire EV infrastructure lifecycle – from site assessment to install & commissioning, as well as ongoing maintenance and energy monitoring, ensuring your building has a safe, scalable solution that works for you now and in the future.

End-to-end EV charging solutions for apartments and high rises

We provide charging solutions for new and existing buildings around Australia.

For body corporates

  • EV charging options
  • Installation considerations
  • Managing risk

For residents

  • Working with your body corporate
  • EV charger types
  • Approvals and installation


  • Site auditing
  • Building load management
  • State regulations

Asset management

  • Data management
  • Scaling triggers
  • Ongoing maintenance

Key considerations for apartment EV charging

Important points to consider when looking at adding electric vehicle charging to your building.



Dispersed tenant
car parks

& requirements




Property value

All new builds in Australia are required to have EV-charging capacity — upgrading today with the right tech will future proof your investment.


Our EV charging technology is suitable for daily use and compatible with all standard electric vehicles.

Cost management

As EV charging relies on the building’s main electrical grid, a centralised system will give you more control over usage and billing.

Easy Maintenance

Using industry standard products, we ensure that any suitably qualified and accredited technician can maintain your property for years to come.

REliable Technology

We partnered with Schneider Electric to ensure our customers are paired with the right EV infrastructure components and technology to suit their needs.


We work closely with residents, strata managers, developers, and energy networks to develop simple and scalable solutions that work now and in the future.

Understanding EV charging

If you live in an apartment building or high rise, we will likely recommend a solution involving AC fast chargers that balance the charging needs of multiple EVs with the power demands of the rest of the building.

Level 1 – AC Slow Chargers

These EV chargers can be plugged into a standard powerpoint or outlet. Although, they are handy to have, they will charge your EV very slowly and cannot be a sustainable or fair ongoing solution in communal parking areas of apartment buildings.

Level 2 – AC Fast Chargers

Five times faster than a Level 1 EV AC Charger, these units do need a dedicated circuit, and when installed, can be separated for individual use and metering. This is the most powerful EV charger you can install at a residential location.

Level 3 – DC Fast Chargers

These chargers are the fastest on the EV market and are most suitable to commercial or fleet environments. Due to the extensive infrastructure needs and high energy draw, DC fast charging in apartment buildings is not practical.

True cost of installing an EV charger

Enabling EV charging at your business isn’t as simple as installing a few EV chargers. Your EV chargers will impact the entire electrical infrastructure of your business premise. To ensure fair distribution of costs and clear management of electricity usage, it needs to be a holistic, ROI-focused solution to manage the electrical load.

You can learn more about EV charging basics or about our engagement process.

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Case study: Stradbroke Tower Apartments

Stradbroke Towers in Brisbane was looking for a reliable, intuitive, and scalable EV system that would allow them to future proof their building. Importantly, the system needed to be within their budget so they didn’t over capitalise and it ensured a fair and equitable solution for all the owners.

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