EV Charging/10 Aug 2023

Caloundra RSL future proofs itself for its members.

Aiming to attract new and existing members to their facility, Caloundra RSL adds EV charging.

Aiming to attract new and existing members to their facility, Caloundra RSL adds EV charging.

With more and more of its members choosing to drive electric, Caloundra RSL needed an innovative EV charging solution that would meet its current and future goals. Adding EV charging to their facilities was not just about operations for Caloundra RSL, it was also about marketing. As more and more people make the switch from petrol to electric vehicles, it was crucial that Caloundra RSL make the switch as well to meet its customer demand.

A tailored solution

It was important for Caloundra RSL that the EV solution was easy to access, simple to use, and worked with their systems. Before we even recommended a product, the EVIAM team conducted an on-site inspection to access the existing electrical infrastructure and understand the RSL’s access card system. Taking the time to learn about Caloundra RSL’s unique needs allowed us to formulate an integrated EV strategy.

To best suit their current and future needs, we recommended:

Integrating with existing RFID systems

The EV Charging Facilities set up at Caloundra RSL are accessed by RFID tag.  This allows Caloundra RSL to maintain control over access and usage of its facilities as well as keep track of its costs. Importantly, the data collected on usage and membership activity provides valuable insight into the needs for future EV expansion. 

At the same time, its members already use an RFID membership card to access other facilities such as the gymnasium and members’ areas.  Thus, it was important to Caloundra RSL that the two systems integrate.  By linking access of the EV Charging to its existing membership cards, Caloundra RSL was able to make the process easy and seamless for its members.

A positive legacy at Caloundra RSL

With consideration of the space, we provided custom-built mounting poles and fabrication services for the efficient and safe location of the EV chargers. This allows the EV infrastructure to blend into the landscape, weaving itself into the fabric of Caloundra RSL’s community and boosting its reputation as a facility dedicated to serving the needs of its members – now and into the future. 

Importantly for all stakeholders, EVIAM’s integrated EV solution was completed on time and budget.