Asset management

Find out more about the long term aspects of your installation and why partnering with a dedicated EV infrastructure company is important.

What’s the advantage of dedicated EV management?

It’s important that your building has a robust and defined process to facilitate the handover of your load management system.

This includes a knowledge and oversight of relevant data switches, routers and electrical specific protocols as well as ongoing inspection and maintenance of installations in line with Australian Standards.

A dedicated EV company ensures the protection of your assets for years to come and means future upgrades and scaling are managed properly.

At EVIAM, we manage it all:

  • Your data network and electrical componentry
  • Cyber security considerations
  • EV distribution infrastructure
  • Knowledge management (auditing, onboarding, commissioning, handovers)
  • Energy management (building load, PME, usage monitoring, scaling triggers)
  • Maintenance and support (on-call support, preventative care, warranties)

Managing your data networks

Considerations need to be made for tasks such as the allocation of IP addresses across the network. This is not just a single decision at a moment in time but rather a protracted project that will exist for the decades to come. 

In order to do this on an ongoing basis in a financially reasonable manner, a relationship needs to be formed with an asset management provider that can assist oversight of all electrical-specific data componentry. 

Cyber security risks in EV

Cyber security risks in EV include exploitation of weaknesses in the system to either disrupt the charging of vehicles or to steal electricity for alternative uses. Although not a significant concern now, in the coming years the vulnerabilities in these installations may be exploited to strand drivers and disrupt the transport sector.

Management strategies include:

  • Managing and control of relevant documentation
  • Managing the access to sites and critical systems (correct authorisation and training)
  • Network segmentation and isolation
  • Onsite load controller to standalone manage (air gap)
  • Monitoring for vulnerabilities and regular firmware updates where necessary

Distribution board diversity

Electrical diversity is the consideration of individual maximum loads as a ratio to the absolute maximum demand of the designed system. Management and documentation of these loads and relevant ratios need to be constantly considered to ensure the safe operation of a building’s EV infrastructure.

For instance, not all EV distribution infrastructure is built the same. For every EV installation project, consideration for diversity at each electrical distribution board needs to be made to ensure any temperature rise remains within limits and safe to operate.

Correct phase rotation at a distribution board level

Phase rotation needs to be managed to ensure correct balancing of loads at all distribution boards and MSB’s.  Correct and timely recording, documentation and dissemination of this information will ensure engineering calculations do not have to be carried out at each charger installation instance, managing the costs of installing EV chargers across a protracted period.

Other asset management services

Knowledge management

Having one central provider to manage your EV charging infrastructure over time will keep upgrades seamless and help you retain the value of your assets. We handle the technical documentation for each site containing the following information and records:

  • Detailed site audits
  • Onboarding process
  • Site commissioning and handover process including:
    • Body corporate handover checklist
    • Commissioning certification
    • Declaration of conformity
    • LMS statement of work 
    • Fire safety & more

Energy management

Our software applies sophisticated analytics and visualisation to your building’s energy data, transforming it into valuable information that can be used to generate operational and financial efficiencies. Our energy management services cover the following:

  • Building load management
  • PME (EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert)
  • Usage monitoring
  • Scaling triggers
  • Regulation compliance for residential and commercial settings (Class 2 & 3 buildings).

Maintenance and support

With round-the-clock connectivity for remote diagnostics, and accessible designs that expedite maintenance and field service, EVIAM ensure proactive support services and operational excellence. We provide the following:

  • On-call support (over the phone and in person)
  • Highly-trained EVIAM E-mobility installers
  • Requirement-based service level agreements
  • Connected services
  • Extended warranties

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