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Order an EV charger for your EVIAM-enabled site.

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1. EVIAM-Enabled SITE

This option is for those whose building is already EVIAM-enabled with the infrastructure to support your new EV charger.

2. Not EVIam-Enabled

To get EV charging installed at your apartment, you first need to check the options with your body corporate.

3. Home or Business

Enquire about getting EV chargers at your residential house, office or single dwelling, and we will help you understand the best solution for your needs.

For EVIAM-enabled sites

1. Order an EV charger for your car space

When you building is EVIAM-enabled, you can order your EV charger here.

EVIAM and your Body Corporate/Owners’ Corporation Committee (OC) have already set up your building’s installation process for you. If you haven’t received install guidelines from your Body Corporate yet,  click here and we’ll get them to you.

Fill out the below form to:

  • Register your car space for EV Charging
  • Access your EVlink Pro AC Charger at an exclusive EcoExpert price
  • Initiate your EV charger installation quote
  • Integrate your EV charger for load management & metering 
  • Access any extended warranty and maintenance support options

For sites that are not EVIAM-enabled

2. Start the process of getting EV charging in your apartment

For apartments and multi-dwelling buildings, ordering an EV charger starts with body corporate/OC approval first. EVIAM can help guide, inform and work with all stakeholders in this process.

Learn about EV solutions for apartment buildings

Request EV charging in your building through your body corporate

Ask EVIAM to reach out to your body corporate on your behalf

Learn about strata legislation in your state

For homes or businesses

Enquire about an EV charger at your home or business

If you are ready to order an EV charger for your home, office or commercial site, EVIAM can help ensure you get the best solution for your needs using energy efficient, integrated and commissioned EV charging installation by certified professionals.

Enquire below to:

  • Understand the EV charging options you have available for your site
  • Access exclusive EcoExpert pricing
  • Ensure your EV charger is installed correctly through our trusted network of Authorised Installers 
  • Access extended warranty and maintenance support options

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