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Looking to install EV chargers in your multi-residential or commercial building but unsure what’s required and how much it might cost? EVIAM’s budget estimator will guide you through the steps.


Installing a single EV charger at a house is straightforward.

But installing EV chargers in apartment towers or commercial sites is more complicated:

  • What’s the impact on electricity usage in common areas?
  • Could the building’s peak electrical load be exceeded?
  • Is there sufficient switchboard, distribution board and cabling capacity?
  • How will residents be billed for their electricity usage?
  • Will the EV charger(s) be accessible by the public, and if so, how will they pay?

These are the problems that EVIAM solves. Call us on 1300 038 669 for immediate help!

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Budget Estimator Tool

Installing a single EV charger at a house is straightforward.

Step 1

Select the power rating of your EV charger(s). This will determine how quickly your vehicles will charge (and affect the estimated price of the works). Read our FAQ’s if you need help in determining your needs

Step 2

Select the nature of the car-parking area at your building. Car-parking which is open to the environment requires (more expensive) weather resistant chargers. Multi-level car-parking requires cabling to penetrate concrete flooring.

Step 3

Estimate the new electrical infrastructure that will be required (master switchboard, distribution boards, Load Management System, cabling/ducting.

Step 4

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